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Entry 44: The queen of the moon

Rin :: Ugh — agh, my head hurts…what’s going on, why I am I on the ground?

I run over to Rin and pull her up. Her body seems feverish. I don’t have any means of checking her vitals like Sakura does, but I can tell that she’ll be all right.

Rin :: Huh, Hakunon…? …why am I…I remember making a contract with a red Lancer…huh…who was that red Lancer…I remember her face, but I can’t recall anything else…Hakunon, what happened to me? What is this place? What’s going on?

It looks like Rin’s forgotten about Lancer. I think she’d be mad at me later if I tried to hide it, I so tell her frankly everything that’s happened. I make sure to tell her about how she declared herself queen and the “Money is Power System” in particular.

Rin :: Er…hey, wait! Wait, wait, wait —! What is this? Then all of that wasn’t a dream!? I really did all that crazy stuff!?

Caster :: It was indeed ♥ Just sit there and take it, Rin! Don't worry, they say gossip only lasts 75 days!

[She’s uh, kind of sobbing at this point? Hard to render.]

Rin ::Aaa.....aaaaaaaaa. Shame... Eternal shame... Why did I.... waaaah.....

Rin holds her head in her hands and bemoans her actions. Seeing he like that makes me want to write off all her previous crimes. Anyway, the battle is over now. If Rin can just let us out of her heart now, we can go back to the school building and this whole thing will be settled.

“Well, you’re back to your true self now, so it’s fine,” I tell her with a smile.

Rin :: Everything settled…oh, right! This isn’t the time to be moping around like this! If we don’t do something about her quickly, we’ll all be trapped in here forever…no, even worse than that! Leo’s out there to, right!? I need to hurry and talk to him…oh, but how are we supposed to get out of this place!? Maybe, maybe you need to hit me? All right, Hakunon, hit me! If you hit me hard enough to knock me out, I should wake up!

Unknown speaker :: What are you in such a rush for? You have infinite time, after all. Why don’t you calm down, oh queen of the moon? No matter how much you struggle, you won’t be in time for everything.

What is this voice…!? We should be the only ones in here. So how on earth —

Rin :: — it’s her. The culprit who pulled all the Masters to the far side of the moon, who captured me and put me in the Labyrinth — You’re here too, don’t you remember it? During the Holy Grail War, when that black stuff attacked, didn’t you hear that voice we just heard then?

…! That’s right. The voice I heard on the roof as it was swallowed by black noise. That voice just now was the same…!

Unknown speaker :: Yes, correct. I’m the culprit who tricked all of you. I’m the ruler of half of the Moon Cell — the far side of the moon — the real queen of the moon. Nice to meet you, my pitiful little lambs. And welcome to my dazzling Sakura Labyrinth!

Rin :: Ugh…! Hakunon, forget about hitting me!  If she go outside she’ll catch us again! We should just examine the situation here —

Unknown speaker :: Examine the situation? Aren’t you the one who was in such a hurry, Rin? Well, I don’t really care about you anymore, Rin — but there’s someone there I haven’t met before, so I have to give my special, first time service! Please wait a moment, I’m coming over there right now. Well, actually —

[Scenery change! We’re back in the Labyrinth now.]

Unknown speaker :: I can’t give my senpai a chance to escape, you see.

— A girl draped in a black cape. A visage any Master would recognize, a face I in particular know very well. The AI who had until just now been investigating the Labyrinth along with us. Her name is —

Unnamed girl :: Hello. Nice to meet you, Hakuno-senpai. You can’t backtrack anymore, so prepared to be shredded, okay?

…the girl smiles with that face identical to hers. Yes — this girl is Sakura. The air she puts on, and the expression on her face promise wickedness, but she is without a doubt Sakura Matou. But, is she really Sakura…?


Unnamed girl :: …what? Am I Sakura, you ask…? Don’t mock me, we are complete different, head-to-toe! How could I be a weak-willed runt like her?! I am an existence that is and is not Sakura. But I’m not a managerial AI anymore. My name is BB. I leave the nicknames to your imagination. Bébé, Baby, whatever you like. ♥

Caster :: So that isn't some kind of transformation after all. And - this ominous sense. Far from a management AI, that spiritron composition is more like the Moon Cell itself. I don't like this situation, Master.

The strangeness of the situation has put Caster on guard too. This Sakura…this girl who calls herself BB is the culprit who captured countless Masters, eroded the school with noise, and made Rin go through all of that…!

BB :: But, senpai? Why are you trying to leave, when I went through all that trouble to save you? You could have just stayed there with that pampered good-girl living your schmoopy carefree romantic comedy life. …heehee. Yet you still left, which means, you still haven’t gotten enough punishment, have you, se-n-pa-i?

…! My spine freezes instantly. What is this strange oppressive feeling in the air. It’s nothing like the tension of confronting a powerful enemy. It’s — it’s not a metaphor, it’s fear of being crushed by the air itself…!


Leo :: Hello, hello. Can you hear me, Hakuno? Our monitors suddenly went black, did something there —

Rin :: Ah! Leo, hurry and make a transfer! I’ll back you up, so, quickly! This layer is a normal arena now, so you should be able to transfer!

Leo :: Is that Miss Tohsaka? — Sakura, bring Hakuno and Miss Tohsaka back in immediately. Explanations later, speed is our top priority, hurry!

Sakura :: Y-yes! Turning all of the student council’s resources to forced escape!

BB :: Oh, are you leaving so soon? I don’t think such a hastily made transfer program will be able to break through the Labyrinth’s walls, but…Your judgment is right on the mark. ♥ Don’t oppose an enemy you can’t defeat. Yellow means danger, pushing further flags you for death. How about you learn from this and stay holed up in the school building from now on? As long as you don’t take a step out of your safety zone, you’ll get your happy ending. It’s true, you know. After all, the best ending is when there is no end! Don’t you love it when a serial gets extended?

BB…the girl in black keeps giggling. She has the same face as Sakura. We don’t know who she is, but should we really run away here? If BB is really the culprit, shouldn’t we capture her somehow —

Rin :: We can’t fight her in our worn out state. Get it!? She’s a monster who devoured most of the 128 Servants! She disassembled Servants, absorbed their memory capacity, and made herself into an untouchable giga-structure!

Wha — what…? She…ate 128 Servants…? Then the tragedy during the preliminaries really happened and…this girl did it — !?

BB :: That’s right. My processing power is enough to rewrite the SE.RA.PH. I can control the rules of the world. So — fufu. You look rather pitiful like that senpai, so I’ll give you a hand. That transfer program won’t be able to take you through the walls of the Sakura Labyrinth, so…there, done! ♥

BB makes a gesture like blowing a soap bubble. She purses her lips and blows. At the same time, the air around us becomes lighter, and then —

[Everything goes dark and there’s a roaring sound.]

BB :: You understand now? I’m BB. The new ruler of the moon, who swallowed the Moon Cell. There’s no way to save yourselves. But if you really want to do something about me…Indeed. You can just try working together with the people inside the school building, and see what happens, okay? See, aiming of that 0.000001% chance of victory is really the true pleasure of gaming. ♥ I mean, mathematically it’s not equivalent to zero, so. Ufufu…

BB and the Labyrinth vanish into the distance. My mind goes black because of the forced transfer. And in it I can hear a voice. The voice of my enemy, who said she can change the rules of the world. A girl’s voice, beautiful and full of hate.

BB :: Well then, shall we start the game? You are all the prisoners of the merciless queen of the night. I will slowly, surely, bring and end to each and every one of you. I’m look forward to it, senpai. Survive until the end for me, okay —?

[And now, for the very first time, this plays:]

 [The song is called "Sakura Meikyuu", or "Sakura Laybrinth", for those wishing to find it elsewhere. It's really good.]

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Entry 43: The Phoenix Wright of destroying girls’ self-esteem

[There’s one thing I’d like to note about the boss battle. Before boss battles in Fate/Extra, the class picture for each Servant would appear beside each team. Here, in place of that, next to Rin appears the image that was shown during the chapter’s opening narration, which looked like this:]


[Anyway, we beat up Lancer.]

We won…! Caster and I still aren't close to our previous power level, but we were still able to honestly defeat Rin and Lancer.

Lancer :: Oh, looks like we lost. Well, I guess that’s fine? It’s a rehearsal after all, just an opening act this time. Well, bye Rin. We were only partners for a little while, but you were relatively cute.

[She walks away and vanishes.]

Rin :: Ugh…ah…I…I haven’t…lost…I can…I can, still, fight…!

Caster :: She's got unbelievable guts. It seems we can't reform her by brute strength alone. This is your time to shine, Master. Use your usual cool verbal abuse to turn her "tsun" into "dere"!

[Google "tsundere" if you're still not sure what this is.]
Urged on by Caster, I approach Rin. Lancer has disappeared. So Rin poses no more threat to us. Now if I can persuade her, everything should be resolved —

Rin :: Don’t…don’t you, mock me…! If this is what it’s come to, then the last resort — I’ll take you with me!

…! I immediately look around for Caster, but it’s too late. The hand I held out meets only air, and my consciousness is swallowed by darkness like a ship into a whirlpool.
Where is this? The world has completely changed. I don’t see Rin anywhere. I don’t see Caster anywhere. It doesn’t feel real. Is this, maybe — inside that sculpture of Rin…?

Rin :: Right. Your Servant won’t be able to help you here. This is the genuine article, a secret room with only you and me, one to one. Which is to say, a jail. Sorry, but there’s no exit. This is my heart. You’re completely trapped inside.

I see…so this is the core of Rin’s heart. The restriction, the dress, part of the congealed stagnant backwaters.

[Hakuno, tell me if you’re aware of the chapter opening narration earlier than that. Anyway, Rin appears now.]

Rin :: …w, well, you’re calm about this. You know that no one’s going to come save you? And there’s no exit? Aren’t you going to panic?

There’s no need for that. Maybe I was just speechless to start with, but now for some strange reason I feel calm. Maybe it’s because, if this is the core of her heart, I could maybe defeat Rin with words.

Rin :: W-what…!? Defeat me!? When I’ve got you captured!?

No, more corporal punishment than defeat. I don’t know why, but Rin hurt many NPCs, and she’s caused plenty of damage to us too. I’ll punish her for that here. If this is her heart, there’s nowhere for her to run…!

Rin :: Ugh…! If that’s what you want, go ahead and come at me! I won’t lose to the likes of you, Hakunon! I’ll repudiate anything you say to me perfectly, and throw the attack back at you…!

The stagnant water of her heart turns to thorns that turn toward me. …it’s fine, I’ve got a good chance of winning. If I make free use of the SGs I’ve gathered, I’ll be able to make Rin reconsider her actions…!

[Rin’s Secret Garden image, first version, appears, and the screen declares PUNISH START.]

Rin :: Uh…what is this force of will…!? It’s not like Kishinami — it’s maybe, kind of cool…Argh, what am I saying! I can’t let my guard down, I have to refuse her with all my power. Kishinami! You say you’ll make me reconsider, but what have I done wrong!?

First let’s review. Rin hoarded more wea…money that necessary. She said all she believed in was money. What was that called?

[>] Mammonism
> Corruption doctrine

[A layer of flowers is removed from the image.]

Rin :: And what’s so bad about that! You could maybe even call it cute…Money is…the future! To do research, to wage war, even to go on a date you need money. Hakunon, you’d rather watch a movie from a set of luxurious premium seats at a theater than on a video site in your room, right? “Money is Love Power,” get it?

[English on that last phrase in quotes there.]

Watching a movie with Rin…Maybe that would be fun if we get out of here. Though I don’t know, searching out videos on the web can be pretty fun too.

Rin :: W-who said we’d be going together!? It's not like I think it'd be fun to do things with you or anything, Hakunon!

This is, what do you call it, blatant…

> Temptation
[>] Templation

[Another flower layer gone.]

Rin :: No, that’s not it. You can’t just go around labeling people as, conventional, or tsundere, or whatever! I’m just doing what I like! I decide for myself, I take care of myself, I take responsibility for myself…what’s wrong with that!? People are obligated to be their own masters. Renouncing that would be nothing but laziness.

There are times I want a break
I’m human

Which is why, running from extreme to extreme, the true self and its opposite polarity — She has a wish, a taboo desire. Rin’s final secret, that is —

[>] Desire for subordination
> Desire for control

[Last layer gone.]

Rin :: Shut up shut up shut up shut uuppp! I wouldn’t do that, that’s something no one should say…For my decisions, my evaluations, my actions, my feelings, from the top of my head to the tips of my nails, every gram of my blood, every one of my tears, for none of that to me mine — No matter how sweet it might appear, if you were like that, you human dignity would…no, if you were like that, you wouldn’t be human anymore, so you wouldn’t need to worry about that…

It’s no use like this. She’s too strict with herself, but she’s looking for an escape route. It’s just a one time trick of the imagination. I’ll have to commit a taboo. To put it plainly there’s no other way.


[>] Return to your true self, you capitalist…dog!

[There the image breaks, showing bits of another image underneath.]

Rin :: Ah…!!!!? Wha-what are you shouting about!?? And, dog, did you just call me a dog!??

Yeah, I did. Though the correct term would be “capitalist bitch.”

Rin :: ……Kishinami. I have the feeling you just used a word far worse than “dog,” but my ears could be deceiving me?

[>] You must be aware of it, being one yourself!
> …oh, maybe pig would have been better…?

Rin :: Ah…!? I, I am not! I’m just a reasonable, elegant mammonist, not a dog or…No, no, that’s wrong! Why would I feel relieved to be scolded!?  This, this isn’t me! Oh, but somehow I feel so much better…why…am I really a dog…? No, no way, no, absolutely not! I am always rational! It might be too advanced for you to understand, Hakunon, but I’ve though out all my actions carefully up to now! I am perfect! I have to be! I’d never complain, not even once…!

> You really are squealing like a piglet!
[>] Well I’ll leave it all to you then!

Rin :: —! Right, then everything will be fine, thank you, Hakunon! Just let me take care of everything! Let go of all your careful precautions, and I’ll gently, firmly, drain you of your funds!

[I lose one point of life.]

…crap. Her self confidence is on the rise again. I can’t allow this. She’s going back to the troublesome queen she’s been acting as up until now.

[>] You really are squealing like a piglet!
> Well I’ll leave it all to you then!

[The SG picture is gone now.]

Rin :: Hyaa…! Sq, squeal, squealing…I did not squeal! I was just emphasizing my point! Why do you keep saying terrible things!? Why, why won’t you look at the real me!?

[Alt. translations for squeal: cry/whine]

“What I say and what I do are different. But please understand my innermost thoughts —”
That’s nothing but whining. The Rin Tohsaka I know would never sound so pathetic. On the other hand, no one will ever see the “real Rin Tohsaka.” Rather than acknowledge that, rather than preparing herself to be disliked by others, Rin was stern with everyone she met. That was Rin’s kindness, and her beauty. And now? She just forces her thoughts on others and starts bawling if they disagree. To say she’s carefully considering the future while she acts like this is absurd. Rin isn’t thinking of anything but herself right now!

Rin :: But, I — I just want to relax once and a while…I wanted to try being honest with myself…! What, is that wrong!? It’s okay to think of myself! It’s natural that I’m the most precious to myself!

[>] Then take full responsibility for it!
> That’s not true!

Rin :: Aaauuuuuuu —- !

Rin :: Stop it…please, stop it…I hear what you’re saying…I hear it, so please…I don’t want be responsible…but I can’t be honest about it…if I take responsibility, I can’t say what I want to say…!

…that may be the case. But still, the one who’s insisting on those ideas is Tohsaka herself. The one who bears both the responsibility to lead people and the responsibility to be hated by people but still hold her head high is Rin Tohsaka.

Rin :: You can tell me that, you can, but…! I’m precious to myself. I know that’s natural! What should I do, at this point —

That much is obvious. It is natural to be the most precious to yourself. But that’s nothing to be ashamed of. What would be worth being ashamed of would be holding only yourself dear. Why is Rin strict with people? Because she can’t ignored the potential she can see in people.

> Being strict with others and with yourself is what it means to be a Tohsaka.

Rin :: Ah — aah, ah —, ah…! Oh…that’ll be, fine…I’m…even though I’m really weak, I act tough with all my might, I put on a brave face ’til the end, I…Right, that’s Rin Tohsaka. My favorite, my conviction — Ah…it feels good, but it’s embarrassing…you can see everything…But, it’s all right…who I am at the bottom of my heart can’t be changed…so I’ll be fine with this — You may forget all of this when you leave this place, but I’ll thank you anyway. Thank you Hakunon, for setting me free. …yeah. 

Rin :: But, let me say one thing. I’m going to give you a really good smack for this later.

[Fade to white]

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Entry 42: Fall to the center of the heart

Kiara :: I’ve heard from Leo. He said that there’s a wall with a design of Rin Tohsaka on it. The Labyrinth is full of walls of the heart, and fragments of Rin take shape there — I thought perhaps it might be at this level. That sculpture is unmistakably the true body of Rin Tohsaka. Surrounding that area are the husks of the heart. And inside it Rin’s true heart is sleeping. If you can succeed in the conversion of her heart from the wicked thoughts that fill it, Rin will be freed from the husks and return to her right mind.

So the real Rin really is in there…But how can we get inside like Lancer did? Sakura said she couldn’t make a gate, so maybe we need some special program working on a different system from normal wizardry, like the Five Thought-Stopping Meditations —

Kiara :: …yes. However, it’s a secret technique I’m forbidden to share with outsiders, I cannot simply initiate you into it on a moment’s notice. But, I can help you get inside. You’ve obtained many of Rin’s secrets, Hakuno. If you have three, a deeper psyche-dive should be possible. But, a warning: a person’s true heart will reject visitors without exception. If you go inside, you won’t be able to avoid a confrontation. So please prepare as much as you can. I will wait before the image of Rin, so come when you’re ready.

[Back into the Labyrinth and to the Rin-relief! Make sure to select "Goal Point" as your start if you're playing along, otherwise you have to play through the level again.]

Kiara :: I see…so this is a wall of the heart made inside the Labyrinth…seen in person, it’s quite enchanting, isn’t it?

Leo :: Enchanting…? Not…beautiful but painful to see?

Kiara :: Yes. The form of one imprisoned in her own heart, unable to express her true self…that anguish is the proof of life. A wall like this could not be made if its owner did not possess a great spirit. Strength, pain, all of it, I find enchanting and fascinating. But that’s enough chatting. Once you’re inside, our voices will not reach you. And you won’t be able to leave by your own will. The only way out will be to convince the owner of this heart. Are you prepared?

[>] No problem, let's go!
> I’d like a little more time…

I nod, no problem, in answer to Kiara’s question. I’m fully prepared to confront the real Rin…!

Kiara :: Good. Now, Hakuno, I will convert you into a more subtle virtual spiritron form.

Jinako :: Just the Master? Shouldn’t you do the Servant too?

Kiara :: Of course I will also apply the treatment to Caster, but a Servant is bound to the same spiritron gradation as their Master. If I alter his Master Hakuno’s virtual spiritron gradation, her Servant’s spiritron composition will automatically alter as well.

Jinako :: Servant and Master share the same life level…this just gets more and more occultish…

Kiara :: Sakura, please provide support. Calmly, as I showed you before.

Sakura :: Y-yes, I’ll do my best…! I’ll use all my processing power, and keep the conversion error margin within 0.00001!

Kiara :: That’s very promising. I’ll be counting on you. Now, Hakuno, close your eyes and relax your body. Entrust your consciousness to me. Now — let us reach the peak of the dasabhumi and descend, reflect the nature of the Buddha and fall. Houun, zensou, fudou, ongyou, genzen, nanshou, en, myouchi, riku, kangi —

[That’s a chant, not regular words, but the meaning of the kanji in it is something like this: law of clouds, virtuous thought, motionlessness, fast movement, before my eyes, impossible victory, flames, bright earth, cleansing, great joy.]

Sakura :: Temporarily separate the soul-concept from the virtual body.  Disassembling pure information structure, after conversation, establishing size and form concepts as a border. Substituting Master: Rin Tohsaka, for numerical values. After arrival in the deep mentally imaged space zone, the virtual body will be reconstructed — Spiral, start! Miss Kiara, safeguards, please!


[I tried my best to get some picture of what Kiara does here. Also Hakuno turns into a pink glowing orb which Kiara closes between her hands and sends into the wall.]


— my consciousness blurs into white. Kiara’s voice flows into my ears. My thoughts relax in this warmth, and a second becomes a thousand seconds, a thousand seconds become a day. A sensation of sinking endlessly within myself. At some point I, my conscious, separates from the body of Hakuno Kishinami, and I fall into something I’ve never before come into contact with, another person’s heart —

One long straight shaft descends into the darkness. It’s just like a roller coaster running through an amusement park at night. Is this what means to descend into the core of the heart?

[Occasionally as Caster and Hakuno fall forever a gem-shape floats by. Then, Rin’s disembodied voice starts talking. As a side note, the OST track that plays here is called "Spinal coaster" and it's brilliant.]

Rin :: Can you hear me…? Is this transmitting? With anyone understand my voice, will anyone understand my heart? It doesn’t matter. It’s fine if no one understands. It’s fine if I can’t convey it. The only important thing is me, myself. I just wanted to live in a way I could approve of, that’s all. So I decided I had to control everything, that’s all. Listen to me, you harmless, barely materialized, small-animal-like girl,  I can’t help wasting my time worrying about you. I am the new queen of the moon. If you’re going to stand in my way, I’ll have to make you understand my greatness. Please understand. Understand it. Understand me. My noble suffering is too dazzling for worker ants who grovel on the ground. For people who don’t have the most basic standards, this comes off strangely sometimes. I’m just tired of trying to explain this to people I can’t follow. I’m always at full power. So why — accomplished in art and in war, gifted in intelligence and beauty, the incarnation of elegance! After you take the trouble to care for someone, you can’t forget the kind words of aftercare!? Everyone is too extravagant, they’re emotional gluttons, spiritually obese! I can’t do this anymore. My nice honor student act ends here! The time for gentle leadership has passed. It’s strict control from now on. Like this, see. I’m taking possession of everything, even the right to speak, to say nothing of money. Just watch. I’ll exploit it all until there’s nothing left. And it’ll all be for your sake, by the way!

Caster :: She's still acting superior, but we're surrounded by her resentment. Bitterness, grudges, and anger - she tries to be a righteous person, so it's very like her to try to contain it all. But recognizing weaknesses and enduring through them defines strength. Ahhh. She's got virtues even Leo doesn't have, and I'm surprised she's forgotten that. It seems her resentment has been piling up.

I agree with Caster's words. Rin gets greedy around money and is strict with lazy people, but she believes strongly in freedom of lifestyle.

Rin :: Anyway I’m tired. After so many weird criticisms, I want to whack your stupid head, Hakunon! …That’s right. You’ll at least understand the meaning of my actions soon enough. Of course it’ll be hard for you to understand what I’m saying and how I’m acting, but…I can’t help it, it’s embarrassing to put it into words! It’ll be find, it’s annoying, but understand it, even though there’s no way you could understand! That’s right, there’s no way you could understand. After all everyone’s just a bunch of brainless scarecrows, I’m the only one who really thinks about anything. You’re livestock. Everyone’s emergency rations. I’m savings. And it’s okay like this, everything’s okay. Well, it’s a perfect manifesto, isn’t it? Just fall for me. I’ll do all of you. So just stay quiet and listen to me. I’ll never do anything bad!

> …yeah, I’m scared so I’ll stay quiet.
[>] …no, I want to object after all.

Caster :: Yes, just like that, Master. Rin's proposal is cheap. It doesn't permit strength through blood, sweat, and tears. Harden your heart, and let's beat some sense into Rin! Let's knock her down from her "Heroine" pedestal!

Rin :: …what? It’s annoying when you buzz like insects. Are you going to defy me again? Unbelievable…you won’t understand no matter what i say. Fine. If you can’t trust me when I’m this capable, I don’t know. I don’t know, I just don’t know! But I’m the queen after all, so I can just do what I like! The queen of the moon…no, not just the moon…I’m the queen of the Earth, the queen of space, the queen of the world, the queen of everything! I’ll only do what I think is right. Good and evil, demand and supply, bargain goods and rare goods, I’ll decide it all! That’ll be fine. No complaints, right? No, I won’t allow complaints. Or you’ll never give me a goddamn break. You’ll even think of being in my place. You’ll never even worry about me. You’ll never even suffer for me. You never, ever, do a single damn thing for me — !

Rin’s unconscious scream echoes around me. Her voice sharply cuts at all invaders, but at the same time it’s miserable. Amid all her selfish assertions a voice asking to be saved appears and disappears.

But my voice can’t reach Rin. Up until now this roller coaster has been one long drop time of unilaterally hearing her stifled unconscious thoughts. All we can do is silently let ourselves be taken for a ride down the infinite illusory rail of her heart. After what feels like an instant, or an eternity, the core of Rin’s heart comes into view.

[We enter an odd place with more gem shapes floating around, where we find Rin and Lancer, and the Rin-relief wall.]


Rin :: So you really came. Never bored of stealing looks at people’s secrets, you barge into the core of someone’s heart with your shoes on…If this were a country with a constitutional government, you would be immediately imprisoned, given life imprisonment and perpetual manual labor, but…I think you for coming to my heart. I’m lenient. I’ll let this indiscretion go as a child’s game once more.

Rin grandly lords over us intruders. That’s just the Rin I just remember. She’s different from the previous Rins that made me so uncomfortable. Full of self-confidence, surveying her surroundings leaving not a single opening, never taken in by provocation…this is, without a doubt, the real Rin Tohsaka…!

Caster :: Ah, she's become awfully generous. In that case, before we fight, there's something I'd like to clarify. Why did you invite me and Master into this sleek "Reverse Side of the Moon"? What is your objective?

[The word she uses for "you" here is what you might use for noble ladies at the negotiation table.]

Rin :: My objective? Because it was necessary, of course. You’re all worker ants bequeathed to me. My slaves who labor on the far side of the moon until you exhaust yourselves.

Rin says it as if it were obvious. That’s no different from the act of draining blood from the NPCs and Masters in the torture chamber. …I’ve been averting my eyes, telling myself “that’s not the real Rin,” but I was wrong. Whether she’s the real thing or a fake, as long as Rin is saying that, I’ll have to give her a hard blow…!

Rin :: Oh my — the confusion is gone from your eyes. Good, it won’t be fun otherwise. By working all of you to the bone, I can expand the Labyrinth, until it reaches the Moon Cell Core, and I can get my hands on the system. Great power must be controlled by the chosen people. to be noble is to bear the responsibility to rule from the moment of your birth. Well, honestly it’s a huge pain and I’d personally prefer to just smash the thing, but…somehow, I can’t help wanting to control it!

Lancer :: Heehee, that’s my Rin. Or should I say my queen? You are the one who will obtain the Moon Cell.

Rin :: Right. You two should follow Lancer’s example and address me as your queen, not Rin Tohsaka. If you do, I’ll spare your lives. No, say it. Say it loud, make a declaration of it. This is your last chance, Kishinami!

…looking at it calmly, Rin’s eyes rest from their circuit of the room to fix on us.

> Please calm down, my queen.
[>] Aren’t you being deceived, my queen?
> What’s up with that miniskirt?

Rin :: Deceived…of course I’m not! I really am the queen of the moon after all!

…I’m really not going to be able to reach her via conversation…We won’t be able to determine who’s in charge here except by strength. But…before that, there’s one last thing I want to figure out. Why is Rin fixated on being a “queen”? Don’t girls usually want to be princesses?

Rin :: Huh? Don’t be stupid, a queen is absolutely better than a princess. After all, a princess can’t control her country’s budget.

— All right, I’ll beat her. This is for the sake of the world, its people, and the Moon Cell…!

Caster :: Ah, a new type of courtesan! I see. Even though she's the serious type, being too greedy causes kingdoms to fall, huh. A gathering storm on the moon; wind and flowers; as the final touch - a fly in the ointment. For Rin's sake, let's harden our hearts and defeat her bad side!

[The little poem there concluded with a pun on her name. Basically, the Japanese expression used here for "fly in the ointment" is "defect in a jewel", but the kanji it uses for "jewel" reads "Tama". It could be unintentional, but I doubt it.]

Rin :: What, why are you looking at me like a criminal…! Fine, if that’s how you’re going to be, we’ll settle which of us is right! Let’s go, Lancer! We’ll show them that we are the chosen nobility!

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Entry 41 Extra: Rin’s Secret Garden completed


[The picture changes as you unlock more SGs.]



[Profile, with Rin’s additional comments:]

Name: Rin Tohsaka “Reasonably famous as a spirit hacker.”
Height: 159cm “The people around me in real life are too big, here I’m pretty normal.”
Weight: 48kg “A good balance, no? My body is the foundation of my work in the Middle Eastern resistance, after all.”
3Size: B82/W57/H80 “Binds up properly, and it’s not bad…I think.”
Home: Japan? “The Tohsaka family is from Japan, but I don’t have much connection with the place myself.”
Birthday: February 4th “Last time was my…how old did I turn?”
Weak Point: Nothing in particular, physically “Outside of that…well…maybe being scolded.”
Fetishism: Definitely not money! “I’m not making some kind of perverted excuse! Are you listening!?”
What do you look for in a partner? I guess someone who’ll take me places, at least when I’m off. “Extensive plans aren’t necessary, though.”
What’s your favorite color of underwear? I don’t really think about the color… “But patterns and lace I like. Just for me, of course!”
How do you spend your free time? I aim for physical and mental relaxation.  “If you don’t rest when you’re free, you won’t be able to move when you need to.”

[The normal text is what's written, she says the stuff in italics after reading what's written.]

Excessive Self-Consciousness:
Rin Tohsaka’s first SG. Rin herself describes it as “a queenly mode of behavior, imposed by one’s nobility, completely natural for a leader.” Indeed, its meaning is unclear.
Another name for it is “templation.” It comes from the word “template,” and was a popular slang term in 21st century Japan.
Humans may, due to various emotions and circumstances, reject thinks they like saying they don’t like them, or accept things they hate saying they don’t mind them.
The opposite of good will isn’t ill will, but rather indifference.
Liking is the other side of hating. Hating is the other side of liking. This sort of “dishonesty” is an ailment common to all people. It’s nothing particularly shameful.
However, there’s also the case where the more pride one has the haughtier one behaves towards someone one’s interested in, and engages in contradictory behavior.  Of course we wouldn’t dare to say who, though.
This templation shifts from the simply dishonest attitude to an actively malicious attitude, a condition particular to girls.
Their behavior when they act with pride is called “tsuntsun,” and when their need to be liked by the other party reaches a boiling point they’ll turn “deredere,” and the two together are called “tsundere.”
Of course we wouldn’t dare to say who, but,
Some call this a bittersweet SG, for it is the fate of templation to disappear when love is fulfilled. A certain priest says this of it: “Once she confesses to the target of her affections, she is no longer ‘tsun,’ or anything else, but a contemptible impure thing.”
Unfortunately, all that lies past graduation from this SG is becoming an silly couple so wrapped up in their love they don’t even notice that people are watching. If you are a well-meaning third party, you will probably have various thoughts of your own about this, but please watch over them kindly.

Rin Tohsaka’s second SG.
A peculiar tendency to value money above all other things. For her, money is something like gasoline, something she accumulates and burns up in order to propel herself forward.
For Mammonists, money is synonymous with ultimate power. If used well, it can even allow you to seize political power, or obtain happiness. Needless to say, money is bound to nations and economies. In has no power in and of itself. Wise men will advise you, scoldingly, that “the important thing about money isn’t how much you have, but what you can buy.”
Mammonists gather money like a vampire gathers blood. Perhaps it’s a mark of the ruling class, separate from the modern-day aristocracy.
Mammonism, or money-worship, is when people elevate money to such an extent they treat it as an object of devotion. Essentially, “money is God.” Take care that in your quest to gather money you do not become a slave in its service instead.

Desire for Subjugation:
We don’t dare comment.
…but it seems we have no choice. This must be an SG of great interest to you, dear readers.
Just as the name says, the desire for subjugation is the desire to be controlled by someone else. We should warn you that though it says “subjugation,” it doesn’t mean wanting to be a puppet with no will of its own.
Wanting to serve something. Wanting to be owned by something. Wanting to be of use for something. Wanting to be bound by something.
These desires are the manifestation of a powerful ego. It is precisely because they know their own value that they wish to be used to someone’s benefit.
It may be larger or smaller, but the desire for subjugation is something that is thought to be present in everyone’s hearts. Human beings all want to be of use to someone.
…though strictly speaking, there’s a large difference between wanting to be subject to someone you deeply respect and and wanting dare to be subject to someone below you.
As this is something that isn’t manifest in the usual Rin Tohsaka, you could call it a taboo, or perhaps a desire, held in her subconscious. Essentially, even the queen of the moon wants to depend on others sometimes.

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Entry 41: Deep in repression

[We proceed a short way into the dungeon, then find Rin, who walks away without noticing us.]

Caster :: That Rin had a kind of zombie-like aura. This may spell good news for us!

Sakura :: I can confirm that that was another one of Miss Rin’s copies.

Leo :: Her Servant isn’t here either. We have an opportunity to obtain another SG here. Please follow her.

[We follow her through a series of vanishing pathways dotted with enemies, which wind around the two shields in this layer, making the shields pretty much pointless. We find her between the shields.]

Rin :: *sighs*…how many times is it now…this is my limit for running back and forth like this…Ahaha…it’s cold, I feel faint…but there’s nothing I can do, these are my orders. Orders are absolute, it’s all because of my orders…Anyway, I have to collect…have to deliver them soon…

Leo :: Indeed, this version of Miss Tohsaka is unusual. She doesn’t seem to have noticed our presence here. Hakuno, keep tracing her steps. We need to find out what she’s doing.

[Following continues.]

We’ve caught up with Rin…! As Leo said, she’s really acting strange. Her face is pale and her eyes are blank. She holds a syringe in one hand and pricks her own arm with it. What could that —

Rin :: More…I need to prepare more blood…that’s what Lancer says…as her Master, I have to obey…why I am I doing something so painful…after I finally became the queen…Ah, but if I disobey I’ll be tied up…! That girl’s all selfishness, but she’s strong…and aristocratic…and her tail…listening to her orders is kind of, really —

Rin mutters to herself over and over. I don’t know what she’s doing, but it’s dangerous. There no way I can let her keep going like this…!

Rin :: Kishinami…!? W-when did you get here!?

Caster :: Quite a while ago. Ah, don't worry about us - you looked like you were enjoying yourself, so please feel free to continue with your "self-harm".

Rin :: Just leave me alone! This is just alchemy! It’s none of your business! Come out, come out! Make these eavesdroppers beg for a good scolding!

[Rin calls in an enemy program.]

Caster :: Ah, Rin's in high spirits today ♪  Then - me too, me too! Go away, go away, off-i-cer, can't you see my master's coat-of-arms!

[I have no idea what she's talking about. It seems like a Tamamo-ified nursery rhyme or something. If anyone wants to try and figure it out, go ahead.]

[We kill the thing.]

Leo :: Has Miss Tohsaka fled already? This copy really is different from the ones we’ve met before.

Sakura :: Her signal is still in the Labyrinth. Let’s search the area and we should soon be able to attempt to corner her.

[Some searching later, we find some stairs.]

Sakura [audio only] :: Her signal's right up ahead.

Leo [audio only] :: Her response seems different somehow. Please be careful

[Sadly I can’t get a good picture of the vista here, but as I move toward the end of the area the red carpeted paths a buildings and towers give way to a sea over which the sun is setting, which a couple stay buildings set out in the water, and the path leading out through the air directly toward the setting sun. We find a slightly odd area on the other side.]

There, Rin and…Lancer! But, what is that thing behind them…? It doesn’t match the underlying aesthetic of these layers at all. It seems to be a door blocking the road, but unlike the shields it’s overwhelmingly massive.


Sakura :: Analysis, complete! Unbelievable…it has the same signal as the shields, but on a 
whole different scale…! If the shields are doors, then this is a fortress…a perfect barrier…!

A barrier…so, even if we reveal her SG, this wall won’t disappear…More importantly, with Rin and Lancer both here, there’s no avoiding a fight. It’ll be a fight to the death…!

Lancer :: Now, what is this? I told you I required 200 liters. And yet you’ve only brought me 10 liters?

Rin :: S-sorry about that…But, this was all I could manage…you couldn’t fill a bath with it, but maybe a shower…

Lancer :: That’s quite enough excuses. Right Rin? You said it yourself didn’t you? You told me to stop draining the swine in the torture chamber. It was something impossible for me to conceive of, but you are my attendant, after all. So just for you I did as you said…Did you really ask that of me without any backup plan in mind?

Rin :: Well, I…making you stop was my top priority, so…

Lancer :: Silence, please!

[She strikes Rin.]

Rin :: Aah…!

Lancer :: You think you can be a queen like that!? With no alternate source to collection from! With no ability to support me!

[Several more strikes.]

Lancer :: I’m asking you if you gave me orders simply because you felt sorry for those swine!

[Another strike.]

Rin :: Gh, ah…! I, I’m sorry Lancer…! I’ll get the full amount for you next time, so…!

Lancer :: Hmph, naturally you will. This is education. The whip of love. My tail! You must endure this, Rin! If I don’t, instruct you, carefully, you’ll be just, a normal, Master again!

[She’s just striking Rin continuously at this point.]


…what is this. I don’t know the context, but Lancer is attacking Rin. And Rin, though she’s the Master, isn’t stopping it. She hangs her head and a resigns herself to bear the blows of Lancer’s tail. She looks like a slave choosing to receive her punishment.

Caster :: Stooooop! Hey, don't give Rin any weird kinks! She already stands out plenty - if she gets any more interesting points added on, I'll lose standing!

[Stop was in English. Kind of a catchphrase, she likes that one.]

Rin :: Kishinami…!? When did you get all the way here…!?

Lancer :: Oh my. If it isn’t the little squirrel and her third-rate Servant. Why don’t you keep out of other people’s business? This is the proper state of things between Rin and me. Rin works for my sake, and by Rin’s sweat I become beautiful. Rin amasses wealth for my sake, and I quench my thirst with Rin’s tears. It’s only natural that Rin and I don’t have a Master and Servant, ruler and ruled type of relationship. Rin is a lovely girl who will grant all of my wishes, so — like this, I too fulfill Rin’s wishes!

[More striking.]

Rin :: Aaah…! Ha, agh, ugh…!

Lancer :: Come on, Rin, obey me! I will command you and your talents! I can give you the coldness you desire better than anyone else!

Lancer’s tail strikes Rin with abandon. But for some reason Rin still doesn’t move. She doesn’t stop Lancer as her Master.

…! I just caught a glimpse into Rin’s heart. So that state is one of the depths of Rin’s heart!?

Caster :: Hahaha, I thought so. I had an inkling she was into that sort of thing. Right then, leave that lizard-woman to me!

I nod to Caster, and kick off from the ground. Caster will block Lancer’s tail with her mirror, and in that opening, I will reach out my hand to Rin’s chest. Rin’s final SG. It has to be —

> The wish to be a tragic heroine
[>] The wish to be a subservient heroine
> The wish to be a comic heroine

Sakura :: Yes, I think that’s it! Miss Rin is the type who will stay, like this, even when hit!
I don’t know about the way she phrased it, but Sakura’s comment is accurate. Rin’s secret desire is “the exact opposite of her normal self,” i.e.,  “Desire for Subjugation!”

[The glowing from Rin’s chest starts]

Rin :: No, no, it’s not, don’t look…! This isn’t — this isn’t me! Ah, it might feel, kind of good, but — ah, aah, aaaaaaaaah!

[SG capture!]

Rin :: Ah…ahaha…you saw…you’ve seen my secret…It’s true, I wanted someone to command me. Always having to keep it together, puff out my chest, act cool, I’m just tired. At the bottom of my heart, I always wanted it to get easier. I always wanted to be the one being commanded, everyday, no freedom, with someone else telling me what to do.

Rin’s body is becoming transparent. That was one of Rin’s secrets…the subconscious “desire to become the opposite of myself.” All human beings have two sides, a yin and a yang. Maybe this Rin is something that could never exist as the real Rin, the Rin of some alternate world.

[So she’s..Shadow Rin? /persona4 /jung]

Rin :: …heehee, ahaha…ahh, finally I feel better. Thank you Hakunon. — in gratitude, I’m going to kill you. I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you. I’m definitely going to kill you. I’m not going to be soft on you or feel bad for you anymore. If you want to tear my heart to pieces, do it. And when you do, I’ll pay you back one-thousand-fucking-fold!

[She vanishes.]

Lancer :: My my. Rin went back to her main body. You aren’t just a squirrel, are you? Well, whatever. Now Rin’s gone, I’ll have to be a wet blanket as well and call an end to tonight’s live show. Good bye, now. Go forth to your miserable end in this Labyrinth of no escape, okay?

Leo :: She went into that relief…!? Sakura, where did Lancer’s signal go!? 

Sakura :: …it’s no use. Her signal has vanished. I can measure the special space inside that wall, but there’s no way to get inside…Also, when we destroyed Miss Rin’s copy, the spirit particles that composed her form flowed into that wall.

Leo :: Which means that there’s a high probably Miss Tohsaka’s real body is inside that relief. …I understand. Hakuno, come back once more. We need an expert on the soul for this. Let’s go ask Kiara Sesshouin.

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Entry 40: Keeping things brief

Caster :: Rin wound up self-destructing this time too, so we had it pretty easy, but if you think about it, these so-called "SGs" really are quite scary. The book hidden under your bedsprings... The secret folder on your hard drive... The poems you wrote in middle school... Generally, the things you try to hide are pretty embarrassing, right?

Caster :: Having those revealed to someone you know - for that matter, someone you see as a rival... At that point, the only two options left for you would be murder and moving somewhere very, very far away. I'm not sure if there really are three, but we had better hope that the next of Rin's secrets is something relatively normal.

[With that we move on to the next morning.]

Leo :: Good morning. Did you sleep well? …Excellent. Well, this will be a short message, so listen and don’t doze off. We won’t have a briefing today. As soon as you finish your preparations, head to the third layer of the Labyrinth. Sakura and I will also be preparing. …well then, later, in the Labyrinth.

Messaged conveyed, the signal from the student council cuts off. It was a courteous, Leo-like correspondence, but it also sounded like he couldn’t afford to waste a second. Now that we’ve reached the third layer of the Labyrinth, things may be getting harder for the support team as well. I can’t waste time either — I should get ready and then go to the third Labyrinth layer.

[Then further down the hall.]

Shinji :: Ugh, they’re just closing the curtains to show off aren’t they. Is Leo trying to hide the details of their actions? But I’ve seen Kishinami go and hide in the cherry tree with that stupid face of hers. I’ll just gather information, and…

Shinji is in front of the student council room. He’s trying to find a gap in the curtains to peek inside through by trial and error, and he hasn’t noticed me behind him. Naturally, I should say something to him.

[>] Sorry for my stupid face
> Goood morning!

Shinji :: Uwaah!? Y-you, Kishinami! Why’re you…!
Why, he asks me…I think it’s natural for me to be here, as the general affairs officer for the student council. The question is what is Shinji doing here? Perhaps as one who possesses the characteristics of Rin’s SG01, despite what he said before he really has some interest in the council —

Shinji :: Nope, none.


Shinji :: I mean, you gave up on recruiting a man of superior talent like me after just one try, didn’t you? The student council has been a great failure from that moment forward. So I’ve got no duty to offer to help you guys out, see? It’s problem that’ll solve itself eventually, anyway. So I’m just checking to see if you guys are doing anything superfluous.

Is that so…? It would’ve been very heartening to think Shinji was going to join the student council, but if he doesn’t want to, there’s nothing I can do. I’ll just have to keep on doing what I can do.

[Hakuno starts to walk away.]

Shinji :: ……hey. Why do you just asset to things like that! Shouldn’t you be more…something!? You’re really thick, aren’t you Kishinami. I like to see you trying to do any student council business.

……ohhh. So he really was interested!

Shinji :: St — no…! It’s called sarcam, sar-casm, got it!? Argh, anyway! No matter how many times you ask me, I’ll never join the student council! Never!

Shinji runs away shouting. …he really is a lot like that quirk of Rin’s. If he’s been investigating, maybe I should try talking to Shinji about that later…

[I briefly check out the janitor’s room, where nothing much is happening.]

Jinako :: I am so completely asleep. Waking up is in my future plans, but I haven’t decided when!

Karna :: Jinako seems to be sleeping while not asleep. This may be another part of her asceticism. Sorry, but could you keep quiet and leave her be.

[And from there I go buy an excessive number of healing items from Kotomine and go to the dungeon!]

Sakura Labyrinth Floor -03: Slave On Syndrome

Caster :: Uwaa, looks like she's getting serious. This looks pretty complicated - I guess it's not called a 'Labyrinth' for nothing.

Sakura :: Scanning of the environs and shield detection completed. I’ve confirmed the presence of a larger number of enemy programs, as well as two shields.

Leo :: And the signal from before we think is Lancer’s singing?

Sakura :: It’s stronger than on the second level.  We’re still able to communicate with Miss Kishinami, however…

Leo :: It’s highly possible that Lancer is here. Which could also mean a direct confrontation with Miss Tohsaka is ahead. Hakuno, prepare as much as you can.
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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Entry 39: Get money, get secrets

Sakura Labyrinth Floor -02: Gold Trash

After entering the new layer, we soon come to a large open space. The path goes to the left, and in front of us —

Rin :: So you did come. You really don’t listen to what people tell you.

Rin…! No, it’s another copy of Rin, right? Still, she was lying in wait like this…!

Rin :: But, I’ll forgive you just this once. Thanks for doing just as I ordered. You just had to do it.

Caster :: Don't be fooled, Master. That smile is the one a woman wears when her schemes are going well. If you want to know how I know, see, I have a mirror, right? I remember seeing it there.

Rin :: Your Servant is an eyesore as always. They're annoying, and I'd like to humiliate them here, but…well, you’re both valued costumers, after all? Maybe that energy will help me out this time. Kishinami? You’ll have to make it through here if you want to get out, but — as you can see, there’s something blocking your way. Will you be able to defeat this guy and make it through, I wonder?


Leo :: Wait. We’ve just parsed your visual data, Hakuno, and that enemy program is a special type. Avoid battle with it at all costs.

Rin :: Oh, was that Leo’s voice just now? So he also got thrown into the old school building. Well, doesn’t really matter. As Leo said, this guy’s quite strong. It might be hard for your Servant to defeat. But I’ll help you out this time. If you help someone, they’ll help you next time, you know. If you make me a show of good faith, I’ll lower this guy’s rate. I’ve prepared a terminal directly connected to my account. If you want to make things easier, then please deposit the specified amount. I call it the Tohsaka Money is Power System!


Umm — what?

Rin :: The Tohsaka Money is Power System!

Caster :: ……

Gawain :: ……

Gatou :: ……

Jinako :: ……

Leo :: Ah, brother, could you make us some tea?  Something tart and hot. I’d like to change the mood.

Rin :: Heeheehee…So amazed you can’t speak, I see. I’ll be going now. It’s up to you now Kishinami — I’ll let you decide whether you want to fight it at full power or raise the money. Heehee, ehehe, ahahaha! See you! Enrich my bank account as much as you can, okay!

— huh!? Crap, I was dumbfounded and just let Rin go…

Caster :: ...I see... I've learned something about her today. She's a fascinating opponent. Alright. If your bank account goes up in flames, I'll be happy to take it over ☆

That’s more development than I would have expected, but I get the theory. Anyway, let’s explore the area ahead…

[We go and check out the MPS machine.]

To lower the enemy’s level, please insert 2000 sakurament (Sm).

Sakurament…? It seems to be the official name of the currency on the far side of the moon. I’ve acquired some of over the course of events, but it seems it’s different from the PPT used in the Holy Grail War.

Sakura :: PPT is a virtual currency used only in the Holy Grail War, so it holds no meaning on the far side of the moon. “Sm” is mana itself…it seems to be a definable resource even in imaginary number space.

Caster :: Sakura... ment? I feel like there's another word with a similar sounding... well, nevermind! Master, even if your wallet is empty, as long as there's love, there's no problem! Our relationship isn't the kind that can be cut with gold.

[Spoiler at the bottom of the entry if you can't figure the other word out.]

It's true. There's no meaning in worrying about things I can't use anymore... But it is a bit scary to have my savings suddenly wiped out. I suppose I should get my act together and start collecting "Sm".

[I open a treasure chest near the MPS. A message comes up saying I have acquired zero SM.]

…there’s nothing inside the treasure chest.

Leo :: She incites us to contribute money, and nearby is an ostentatious, empty treasure chest. Miss Tohsaka is really quite easy to understand. It’s easy to imagine her second SG.

[So, this area is filled with chests containing 0 Sm. You can eventually beat enough enemies to pay the fine, or you can just be overleveled for the area like me and smash the enemy's face in. If you do it the farmy way, you get this:]

Rin :: Yeess. ♥ Just the efforts I’d hoped for, my sweet worker ants!

Jinako :: Ants or whatever, that woman’s head is full of nothing but $.

Leo :: She’s in high spirits. She must be pleased to have extracted such a high fee.

Rin :: Now Kishinami, allow me to introduce you to one of our newer products! The enemy this time will be “tough & powerful!” This one is measured to really take your finances by the root!

[And if you do it MY way, you get this:]

Rin :: ...Well done. I can't believe you really beat that thing with force alone. I underestimated you. But this time I'll make you pay up! Behold my strengthened money system!

Leo :: I wondered this before, but why is this woman using her considerable talent for this?

Gatou :: Umu. She's a real money-grubber. I'd draw a parallel to Datsue-ba.

[I couldn't quite understand what he said last here. Sometimes this guy is worse than Tamamo. Curse Nasu and his old-style poetic proclivities.]

[End differences. She sets up the same enemy and MPS from last time.]

Rin :: Hmph. What’re you making that face for. It hurts to be looked at like that, you know? Lancer likes to be so flashy. She goes on about how she wants to get a bigger bathtub…so I need funds for that. Therefore, I’ll be looking forward to your next contribution~

Caster :: I see, so Rin's contracted with a high-maintenance servant, huh... Rin gets the burden when that lizard-woman wastes money. She's a devil. Ah, but - it's part of the husband's duties to laugh at their wife's mischiefs and forgive. Rin might be an opponent, but I'd like to help out her standing if I can.

I’ve come to understand Rin’s situation a little more. It seems the main cause is Lancer. I can kind of sympathize with, also having a Servant who doesn’t listen to me. Even so, the fact is that further fees are upon us. Around. Around. The sound of the account balance going around and around. To continue to let Rin swindle me, or to prepare to die fighting? The fate of a billing-warrior is truly harsh.

 [If you pay:]

Alright, the enemy seems beatable now. I'll show you the grudges money can bring!

[The enemy's moves are all visible, we oneshot it.]

Rin :: Thanks for your business, and good work!

Sakura :: Rin, that greeting is a little...

Rin :: But the service ends here. Sorry about killing your savings, but I'm putting your search to an end. I won't let you go any farther. Well, as long as this wall is here, you aren't going anywhere anyway.

[If you don't pay:]

Rin :: I, I thought it wasn’t possible, so I came running to see, but you defeated that guy without paying the fee…! Cheat! You’re cheating, aren’t you!?

Jinako :: You say as its maker. You’re the unfair one here.

Leo :: Yes. Though we were surprised as well. I did think you couldn’t defeat that enemy, but…

Julius :: This is what it’s like to see human potential revealed. Her anger at being ripped off by Rin Tohsaka was all it took to overturn the balance…

Rin :: [Angry Kana Ueda noises] Rrrrgh…hmph, fine, whatever. It doesn’t bother me! Your advance ends here anyway. Since this wall is here, you won’t be able to keep going.

…Right. The whole “Tohsaka Money is Power System” thing was just a largely meaningless sub-event. But the shield obstructing our path here is an impregnable wall. Rin’s hidden feelings. We can’t open that door unless we understand them.

Caster :: That shield is a bit of a problem. Well, it is what it is. Rin, one question for future reference. Was all this money management for the sake of your luxury-minded Lancer?

Rin :: Huh? What about Lancer? She doesn’t have anything to do with this, does she? I just like money, you know? It’s just always better to have money than not. Lancer’s lived in luxury since the day she was born, she wouldn’t be able to live without it, but I’m different. I’m not interested in luxury.

Rin answers plainly. Her face is cheerful. …I see. So Rin Tohsaka doesn’t care for luxury, but rather for money itself…!

Rin :: Yes, exactly! I’m not really sure why myself, but seeing a mountain of cast just makes my heart race! Up until now I’d never…well, I’d never tell anyone at all, it’s just too embarrassing ♥ See, I am a member of the resistance, but it would be an exaggeration to say it’s half because of money. The princes of the Middle East give fantastic payments, even high quality gems, and — agh, uh…!? Hey, what, this pain again!?

…! Electric current runs through my left hand. My body becomes light as if urged on. It’s an opening in Rin’s heart…! If I ventured to define it,

> Dead of money
[>] Slave to money
> Queen of money

Yes, well, there are a lot of ways to say it, but frankly, is can be summed up as “Mammonism!”

Rin :: Ah — no, yo can’t…! Ah, uah, ahh —!

[Now we go through the glowing orb grabbing chest piercing sky leaping shield shattering SG capture routine.]

Leo :: That’s it! Fantastic question, Hakuno!

Rin :: What, no way! My protections were breached again!? Kk, this isn’t a game anymore. I’ll kick you around and send you to the torture chamber. Come to me, Lancer! I’ll really let you do it this time!

Caster :: Hurt and confused, the villain raises her hand and calls her trump card! This is a clear "Total Defeat" flag! Master, let's go!

I’m tired from our previous battle with the Money System, but Caster’s encouragement banishes those feelings. The Servant stained with fresh blood, Lancer. The first time, we didn’t stand a chance, but this time, maybe…!

Rin :: …Lancer?

[Phone ringing sound!]

Lancer :: Are you dumb? I’m not coming right now. I told you, I’m off duty when I’m bathing. Skincare is a required subject for an idol. More importantly, there’s not enough blood for this bath. I told you I wouldn’t use the same blood twice, didn’t I? Go out and catch some new livestock. You want to be the queen of the moon, don’t you? Then you should at least be able to do this promptly.

Rin :: ………………well, I guess I’ll let you go this time too.

I just manage to stop myself from thanking her. I think if I thanked her now, Rin would hate me for life.

Leo :: Thank you very much, Miss Tohsaka. Your consideration is a blessing.
Rin :: Ugh, don’t thank me for this! Remember this, Hakunon, Gilgamesh, and you too, Leonard, getting cocky back there! If I catch you guys, what happens to you in the torture room will be so in-credibly awful, even if you cry and beg I won’t forgive you, okay!

Rin’s body is fading out. I don’t think the copies can hold up once their secret is revealed. Since I identified the SG, I’d like to declare this match a draw due to injury, but…

Caster :: WAIT a second! You mentioned the torture chamber, but do you really have those kinds of hobbies??

Right. That inhuman torture chamber. In her right mind, Rin Tohsaka would never approve of that hell. It has to be Lancer’s doing, something Rin had nothing to do with. But —

Rin :: Of course it is. Captured slaves must be imprisoned. Cowardly Masters, elite only by words, lazy slobs who’ve never worked a day. Those who have incredible skills and do nothing with them don’t deserve them. So I’m just forcing them to work. It even comes with all the necessities of life, plus sleep, breaks, and dessert! See, if you don’t give them some moderate accommodations, the quality of their work would drop. Well? It’s a valid use for those with bad debt. They’ve got no right to complain, they should be thanking me.

Jinako :: Scary girl…so young, but she thinks like one of the exploiters!

Leo :: No, that’s not the problem. Hakuno, do you notice something wrong there?

> Rin’s being too lenient
[>] She’s wrong about the details of the torture

Of course. There’s a discrepancy between what Rin’s said and that torture chamber. The torture chamber we saw was a worldly hell. Its prisoners had no freedom, and their blood and magic circuits were being taken from them. But Rin said she was forcing them to work. There’s one reason for the appearance of such a discrepancy. The torture chamber Rin speaks of and the one we saw are different…Or maybe, Rin has never seen the torture chamber…?

Rin :: Huh? Crucifixion? Binding the hands and feet and draining blood? That’s not just a strong metaphor for squeezing cash out of them?

Yes, I nod. I explain to Rin what kind of place the torture chamber we saw was.

Rin :: I need to go check whether you’re lying. …But, it is something Lancer would do. I’ll release those Masters and NPCs. I knew she was the kind of Servant who would do something like that, but I left her to her own devices, so it’s my mistake.

…! So Rin Tohsaka really is Rin Tohsaka. It’s just been her hidden preferences, “Excessive Self-Consciousness” and “Mammonism,” coming to the forefront…!

[Is that code for, “this is just a really flanderized version of Rin”? Because that I could agree with regarding Extra Rin in general.]

Rin :: …hmn. I guess I’m being overestimated as well. From the way you said that, it sounds like you knew me before?

I nod, “of course.” I don’t remember how many rounds I fought through, but I know her advice saved me more times than I could count.

Rin :: You can’t remember how many rounds you fought…? …well, whatever. Anyway, I am most certainly Rin Tohsaka. This personality is all me. So, Kishinami. If you’re going to relax just because we used to be friends, you’re going to die.

The copy of Rin shatters, leaving those cold words behind her. In any case, the shield is down. Darkness is spreading lightly, as if the Labyrinth is summoning me to the next layer…

[Answer from earlier: Sacrament.]

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